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Save money as you shop with Quidco!

Posted 3 years ago

‘I’m on it every day!’

Office worker Lynne Hamilton-Gow, 34, lives in Hartwell, Northamptonshire, with husband Neil, 36, and their daughters Charlotte,  2 and Eavan, 3.

She says, ‘I remember when I first heard about Quidco. ‘“I got a free Xbox!” Paul my workmate told me. “Just by buying the  same insurance I was going to get, but by buying it on Quidco.”

‘Paul showed me how it works and I’ve not looked back. In fact, I’ve saved £740 in just over a year! ‘I started using Quidco to buy online from Next or Asda. Then I saw that by changing things like my insurance or power supplier, I could almost halve my bills with cashback and new-customer deals.

‘For example, this year my RAC cover cost £101. With £45 cashback from Quidco, it was almost half price. ‘It means I get to do things like treat the kids to the cinema more often as it all works out cheaper.

‘I even saved on treating my mum to a spa break. ‘I’ve converted almost everybody I know to Quidco now and they’re all shopping through it as well!’

Lynne’s top tip! 

Register your card with Quidco for in-store cashback and to save instore and online!

‘I’ve made £3,420!’

Admin assistant Wendy Boult, 42, lives in Chessington, with daughters Charlotte, 16 and Jasmine, 13. She says, ‘Every bit counts when you’re a single mum. Take the insurance: household, car, pet, it all adds up. It’s £300 to insure my three cats – but it only costs half that with cashback at Quidco. I booked a trip for friends to Butlins and with cashback, my stay was almost free. I’ve made £3,420 since I joined in 2006!’

Wendy’s top tip! 

Put the Quidco app on your phone so you can use it when you’re out and about…

Get started now!

Go to and sign up for great offers.

Browse through the thousands of retailers, checking out their deals.

Click through to retailers of your choice and shop as you normally would. Prices will be the same as if you’d gone to the website directly – but, of course, you’ll be getting a percentage of your cash back.

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