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Losing it… Goodbye bad habits!

Posted 3 years ago

Then: 16st 12lb. Now: 11st

I’d gone to ask for help with the menopause, but my doctor said she couldn’t help me as I was too fat, which was why I also had terrible pains in my legs and knees!
I was forever trying to lose weight, but when I went back to my old eating habits, the weight always piled back on.
Well, this time, it was going to be different. In June 2010, I started going to the weekly classes run by Scottish Slimmers and finally realised that successful, long-term weight loss isn’t about dieting but about sticking to a healthy, balanced diet.So I started to eat meals following the Positive Eating Plan, and I reached my target weight of 11st in just 11 months!
I’ve stayed that weight ever since, too, because now I know the correct way to eat.
I’m a size-14, and determined to stay that way. I used to put all my ‘big’ clothes in the attic only to take them out again when my weight went back up, but this time, apart from one pair of trousers – I’ve thrown them all out!
Lillias Quigley, 56, Alexandria, Scotland

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