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Losing It – Losing Half Of Me!

Posted 2 years ago

Kirsty before

Losing It
Kirsty Newton, 24, Merseyside
Was… 16st. Now… 8st 10lb
Even in primary school, I always felt I was the ‘fat kid’, bigger than the others.
Later, I did try to lose weight. I’d skip meals, only eating in the evening. But it didn’t work.
While I was at college, I met my partner David and in a couple of years, I’d put on…

Losing It! – Walking it off!

Posted 2 years ago

Losing It!
Natalie Kelly, 23, Rugby, Warks
Was… 18st. Now… 11st 3lb
I moved in with a boyfriend when I was 18, ate loads of junk food, and in 18 months, I put on 7st.
My mum was worried and suggested I go to a slimming club, which I tried twice – afterwards putting back on more weight than I’d lost.
By January last year, when…

Losing It! I quit smoking and got fit

Posted 2 years ago

THEN: 13st 
I started to put on weight when I hit my 50s. I’d gone back to university and, what with eating badly plus the student bar, I ballooned.
Then, in the winter of 2009, I got a bad cough, and it never cleared. I’d wanted to give up smoking for years, but I knew I’d put on more weight. I felt…

Losing it: I’m now a fitness instructor!

Posted 2 years ago

I was a ‘big girl’, and I knew I was when I couldn’t fit into the chairs at my local cafe! My health was bad, too – I’d been diagnosed with MS as a teenager, and I also had asthma. When I was ill, it took more than two people to lift me! No wonder – I was a size-24,…

Losing It! Group effort

Posted 3 years ago

Losing It!
Jean Pownall, 59, Liverpool

Was… 15st 7lb Now…10st 13lb
I’d yo-yo dieted for 20 years, but when I had the menopause I was suddenly 54, 15½st and a size-20!
I tried to lose weight alone, but that didn’t work, so my daughter suggested we try Slimming World.
Walking into that first group, I was so nervous, but everyone made me feel welcome!
I began to…

Losing It! Jackie lost 11st!

Posted 3 years ago

Losing It!
Jackie Balentine, 49, New Mills, Derbyshire
 Was: 22st 9lb…Now: 11st 7lb

I was huge, so I don’t know what Harold saw in me… but he said he loved me! I didn’t love myself, though.
So, in September 2004, I joined Slimming World – mainly because I’d heard  it had a plan for diabetics. It was tailored to suit my need for carbs (because